List of Events

  1. Jewellery Making for Beginners (Summer)

  2. Introduction to Jewellery (Summer)

  3. Stained Glass Beginners (Summer)

  4. Jewellery Inspired by Nature (Summer)

  5. Traditional Jewellery Making Skills (Summer)

  6. Jewellery Workshop (Summer)

  7. Traditional Jewellery Making Skills (Summer)

  8. Jewellery: Open Studio (Summer)

  9. Stained Glass for Beginners & Improvers (Summer)

  10. Jewellery: Open Studio (Summer)

  11. Jewellery Making for Improvers (Summer)

  12. Stained Glass (Summer)

  13. Jewellery Making for Improvers (Summer)

  14. Introduction to Jewellery (Summer)

  15. Introduction to Jewellery (Summer)

  16. Stained Glass for Improvers & Advanced (Summer)

  17. Jewellery for Beginners (Summer)

  18. Stained Glass Beginners (Summer)

  19. Jewellery for Improvers (Summer)

  20. Jewellery Workshop (Summer)

  21. Stained Glass (Summer)