Emily-Kriste Wilcox is a specialist in handbuilding who holds over 12 years experience developing her own ceramic practice, and regularly exhibits her pieces across the UK. Working from her Birmingham studio, these multi-faceted vessels often reference the soft hues of the English landscape in a way that immediately transports the viewer with a strong and evocative sense of place.

Her extensive understanding of the materials, combined with an appreciation for a wide range of surface decoration techniques, informs the basis of all the courses she teaches here at the MAC; many of which will offer you the opportunity to explore some of these techniques for yourselves under the ‘gentle guidance’ of the tutor.

Emily also has over 12 years experience working alongside schools, museums and other educational facilities to provide, plan and deliver ceramics as part of the curriculum. This has often involved leading workshops; creating specific ceramic sections of Art GCSE/ A level courses; extra-curricular activities/clubs; one-to-one project development through tutorials; and consultation for ceramic provision within the education sector.