Gary has been playing guitar for more than 30 years, and teaching it for more than 20. In that time he has taught in schools, colleges & universities to pupils of all ages and abilities, from 8 to 80, grade 1 to 8 and beyond, and has experience with pupils who have various physical & mental special needs.

His playing reflects the broad range of styles he has studied over the years, being as comfortable playing blues, rock, funk, jazz, folk, african, classical or reggae as he is playing the 2 types of music that stand out as specialities to Gary. Open tuned bottle-neck guitar (think Ry Cooder) and 1930's swing (think Django Reinhardt).

He still regularly performs around south Birmingham, you can see him play every monday at the Dark Horse in Moseley with his 1930's swing outfit 'Playing' Django, or the first friday of every month at The British Oak in Stirchley playing bottle neck with Juke Joint Johnson, or even the first thursday of every month at The Trumpet in Bilston with The Sheila Fawkes Cafe Orchestra, playing Trad Jazz standards.

As a practical gigging musician who earns all his money from playing and teaching music with various people, Gary can offer insights into the world of being a musician that go beyond the simple technique and practice of playing your instrument.