Hersh started his career from an early age when he picked up the guitar, and from there, manifested a passion for performing and producing music.

With over 7 years in the industry and a degree in Sound Engineering & Production from Birmingham City University, Hersh is a seasoned professional known for shaping sonic experiences. Based in Birmingham, he has mixed and mastered music for artists globally, worked as a live sound engineer, and collaborated with over 100 artists in the field, as well as working with actors from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.

Fluent in major production software like Logic Pro X and Ableton Live, Hersh brings technical expertise and creative intuition to every project. This proficiency allows him to bring visions to life, consistently delivering a sonic experience that captivates audiences.

Presently, he actively engages in music production, emphasising rock, metal, and hardcore genres, while also collaborating with voice actors to craft immersive reels for their careers.