Kotryna Brazynskaite (KAT) mixed media artist with strong traditional art background.

Her practice has always been built on drawing, printmaking and oil painting. However, through gaining her postgraduate degree at Coventry University her practice has evolved into three dimensional casts, sculptures and installations. The pieces from her degree shows have been exhibited in Coventry and show cased in London at annual ‘’New Designers’’.

Her work is heavily influenced by Pagon folklore, fairy tales and myths. Despite various techniques and different subjects that drift from portraits to landscapes or body part casts you can always sense the mythical aspect in her work.

Her current practice involves participating in competitions around EU, and US as well as working on commissions for various clients and progressing her digital painting.

Her aim in her art and during her classes is to convey the sense of unexpected beauty in things or places which are not considered beautiful by everyone.