Libby Gillies is a practicing multi-media artist and designer, specialising in both mould making and hand building using glass and clay in both sculptural and functional work. Her playful and often humorous work evokes contemplation on the power and place we each hold in society.

She regularly exhibits in and around UK museums, galleries and virtual exhibitions. Working alongside contemporary curators to develop relationships with communities and connection to heritage and feminist practice.

Her work is influenced and inspired by experiences had whilst raising a family of 8 children as they travelled Europe and Asia, observing the lives and roles that women hold.

With 30 years of artistic experience and developing her own practice whilst studying BA (Hons) Glass and Ceramic Design at Wolverhampton University, she offers an extensive range of knowledge in ceramic techniques.

Her classes aim to offer participants an opportunity to both gain elementary knowledge of mould making, slip casting and surface decoration, along with developing creative potential and relationship to material.