Tutor Biography

I started my pottery journey whilst I was taking an interior design course, and the potters next door would come in to our room to leave their work. I signed up for a taster session and then a term etc and many years later my passion and learning for ceramics has turned into teaching. I describe myself as an organic thrower, organic artist. My ceramic path has led me onto exhibiting work, and my work in galleries and more recently several art fairs. I have a passion for ceramics and the Mac. The world of ceramics has led my life into another world.

Artist Statement

I have been throwing clay for over 15 years. I describe my style and how I actually throw as very organic. I throw intuitively, I throw considerately, I throw with my heart. Nature is my inspiration, my palette. The storms and calm winds that naturally flows within me, sculpting my evolving unique individual work.

All my work is hand thrown with St Thomas clay / crank or porcelain. I use a mixture of oxides and glazes to paint my work. All work is bisque and glazed fired in either a gas reduction kiln ( 1270 degrees ), or a electric kiln depending on the work.