Roxanna is a British-Iranian jewellery designer and goldsmith, making luxury collections and one off pieces inspired by my Persian heritage. Roxanna's jewellery path started in 2006 at Timothy Roes Fine Jewellery in Chichester, where they trained as an apprentice for three years and learnt their traditional goldsmith skills.

Realising their passion for jewellery and their desire to create and design their own collections, Roxanna went on to graduate at the respected Birmingham School of Jewellery in 2014 with a first class BA Hons. Roxanna worked as a senior goldsmith part time for a few years after graduating while setting up their own business. In 2017, Roxanna spent a year at the prestigious Goldsmiths Centre in London and was chosen to be part of program called ‘Setting Out’. This was an intensive business incubator course designed purely for emerging businesses in the jewellery trade. Roxanna now sells their work online, trade and retail exhibitions and events in the UK. Throughout their jewellery journey, Roxanna has taught many people along the way and loves passing on their skills.