Two adults wave through a window with the word 'hello' written on the window.

About Crow's Nest Theatre: Is that a yeti, Hetty?

Every window tells a story and this window has an exciting snowy adventure written all over it.

Hetty is on a quest to convince her nay-sayers that yetis really do exist. Will her Himalayan efforts prove that this abominable stranger is just like the rest of us – and might this just be a window on a more tolerant society?

A live-illustrated storytelling show, performed at a window. This is a free drop-in event for families in MAC's Outdoor Terrace.

After the show

Join the Crow's Nest Company to find your story in a window!

Grab a pen, draw a Yeti or perhaps a different story will be revealed... Together we will work through a series of drawing and storytelling challenges and give you the chance to create your very own journey.

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