David Westhead is sitting down and resting his head on top of a large tape player with his hands on either side of it.

About Krapp's Last Tape by Samuel Beckett + Q&A with Stockard Channing

Discover Samuel Beckett's iconic masterpiece, "Krapp's Last Tape," performed by David Westhead and directed by Stockard Channing as MAC presents one of the first performances of this new production before it tours site-specific, non-conventional spaces throughout 2024.

This is a play of profound introspection, exploring the themes of memory, regret, and the passage of time. An unforgettable exploration of the human soul.

David Westhead, for many years a leading actor with The National Theatre, Royal Shakespeare Company and Royal Court Theatre, takes on the role of Krapp under the direction of renowned Academy Award nominee, Stockard Channing.

We are delighted to announce that David Westhead will be joined by Stockard Channing after each performance for a Q&A session.

Stockard Channing looks to her right at David Westhead.
Stockard Channing and David Westhead

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