A child smiles and looks through the hoops of hanging colour tape rolls which they hold to their eyes.

About Second Hand Dance: The Sticky Dance

Three dancers shimmy through the audience, sparking connections and turning the rules upside down in this tactile dance performance.

Immersed in a colourful world, audiences are invited to interact freely... to tape, stick and groove, to see and feel sound, or simply to be still, watch and listen.

An interactive performance for children and their families

Morning performances

Aimed at audiences aged 3-5 years.

The Sticky Dance is open for 2 hours for each performance. We recommend you spend approximately 45 minutes in the space, although you can choose to stay for longer or less.

Please book one of the entrance slots available every 15 minutes. The first 2 slots have a lower capacity, for children who might prefer a gentler start.

Afternoon performances

The afternoon performances have a smaller capacity and are aimed at neurodivergent audiences aged 3-7 years. These sessions are 60 minutes long and start at the stated times below.


  • Children and families choose how they interact with the performers and the space
  • There are no words as part of the performance, but the company may give some instructions or say hello
  • The Sticky Dance does not use bright or flashing lights although it does incorporate a soundscape through speakers embedded in the set
  • Some of the structures in the set incorporate technology which translates the music into vibration
  • There is seating in the space including floor cushions and chairs
  • The performance installation is interactive, but you can participate in anyway you feel comfortable; watching, listening, touching, dancing or moving about. You can find your own way to be, and our performers are there to join you, or play alongside you

Visual stories to help your family prepare for the experience

Images credit: Zoe Manders

Dates and times