Ruth Goller stands on a white mound wearing an animal skull headpiece against a dark night sky.

About TDE: Ruth Goller's Skylla + Training

Ruth Goller is an electric bass player and composer, originally from Italy but now based in the UK. TDE promotions believe her to be one of the most creative musicians in Europe, and we are delighted to present her in two fascinating sets.

The Skylla project existed a couple of years ago as a group that featured Ruth with two other vocalists. Now she has adapted the project with just her on bass guitar and vocals plus a drummer doubling on electronics. On this occasion the drummer will be Berlin-based Max Andrzejewski.

In the other set Ruth and Max will be joined by Johannes Schleiermacher (saxophone, flute and synths) to form the TRAINING + Ruth Goller trio. This is a band TDE Promotions heard in Cologne Jazzweek and immediately wanted to bring to Birmingham and MAC.

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