A man in a studio holds up an old fashioned red phone which has steam coming out of it - he looks nervously sideways at the earpiece.

About The Exploding Heads: Colin From Portsmouth

Online sensations and stars of hit podcast Sports Horn, The Exploding Heads, bring their characters to life on stage for the first time in their debut national tour coming to you this autumn!

Former professional footballer turned current pundit Ian Fiveankles thinks he’s doing “an evening with” but Colin from Portsmouth has other ideas. He’s loud, he’s angry and he’s more confused than ever. Poor Anthony doesn’t stand a chance.

Ridiculously funny. Utterly joyous. The saviours of phone in radio.

James O’Brien

Ball-achingly funny - top, top, top, top top, top show!

Richard Herring

Consistently the funniest people on the whole internet

Marcus Brigstocke

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