Beige tote bags hung up with different coloured material and screen printing with patterns on them

About BEDLAM: The Exhibition

Featured artists: Amelia Hawk, Miriam Al-Omeri, Pauline Beard, Olivia Ensor, Alyshia Ford, Vinty Najran, Elizabeth Sharrod, Mary and other members of MAC's Creative Wellbeing Group for Women, Nilupa Yasmin, Nessa Grimes, Maryam Wahid, Amerah Saleh and Haseebah Ali, CJ Webley and Mathias André, with filmmaker Idriss Assoumanou, Ronke, Call Me Unique and Sarah Westwood from The Red Earth Collective, Greg Rogers, Nicky Reid and Dreadlock Alien ran workshops at Reaside Clinic.

A group show with compelling artworks and short films created by people in Birmingham and Solihull through a series of workshops, during their personal journeys with mental health. Their creativity sparked connection and conversation, and in some cases, led to new communities of mutual support. Includes a free interactive audio walk through Cannon Hill Park.

BEDLAM exhibition installation photography, Tegen Kimbley.