About Nritya Black Country: Collecting The Story Of Indian Dance In The Black Country 1960-2000

This exhibition celebrates the roots of Indian dance from the Black Country from the1960s. It features shared stories, memories, photographs, films and objects collected from some of the pioneer dancers, teachers and choreographers. During the late 20thcentury, migrants from the Indian subcontinent arrived in the UK to start a new life.

They brought art forms with them that were new and innovative and had a willingness to share them such as classical and folk and traditional dance styles, finding space in temples, community halls and cultural events where they could perform and keep their Indian heritage alive. This contributed towards establishing a rich British South Asian culture, enabling communities to feel proud, place value on and have ownership of their heritage and celebrate the art forms that had travelled with them. The exhibition is curated by Jaivant Patel Dance Company.

With thanks to Arts Council England and players of People's Postcode Lottery for their support of this exhibition.

Collecting The Story Of Indian Dance In The Black Country 1960-2000, 2022. Exhibition install photography by Tegen Kimbley.