A multi-cultural British person with South Asian heritage is photographed looking into the camera with a patterned headscarf. The same pattern is used as wallpaper in the background. The picture is framed and the wallpaper extends beyond the frame.

About Ways of Belonging

Ways of Belonging brings together four young female artists based in Birmingham.

This exhibition attempts to redefine the narrative around what it means to be a local and to belong somewhere. The feeling of belonging should be a very personal and emotional act, however tabloid media and current politics influence mainstream thinking creating stereotypes about certain community groups and individuals. The art work on show here represents strong empowered women subverting these stereotypes and offering a new way of understanding what it means to belong somewhere.

Artists featured: Sabiheh Awanzai Mahmoud, FreeHandFanatic, Farwa Moledina, Anisa Fazal

Curated by Josephine Reihert, Director of Ort Gallery. Ort Gallery a local, artist-led exhibition space based in Balsall Heath, which represents the underrepresented and facilitates dialogue in the community.

Farwa Moledina, Interwoven, Ways of Belonging, 2019.

This exhibition was supported by players of People's Postcode Lottery through the Postcode Culture Trust and Arts Council England.