Heroes and Heroines

Sue Mansi, I Will Feed You, 2022

“We’ve all been made to think a lot lately about where true heroism really lies. Art about heroes can help us understand what we want to admire and celebrate in other people and ourselves.” - Grayson Perry

One of the great purposes of art is to celebrate. We put up statues and portraits of our heroes and heroines and the artists of Art Club are no different if a little quirkier. An innocent picture of apple picking by Angie Tonge honours a group of friends bonding and gossiping on an allotment because they were unable to meet indoors, happy memories of drinking Prosecco in a polytunnel! 

Simone Fox’s peg dolls made with her daughter celebrate heroines from history and culture, a fine use of all that time stuck at home. Margaret Young celebrates her husband’s dedication and skill as an NHS operating department practitioner in a very niche and fun way. To honour his hard work and also his nostalgic collecting hobby she made him a personalised replica Action Man box.

Featured Artist: Jo Brand

Jo Brand, Invisible Women (detail), 2022. Mixed media. Courtesy Jo Brand, comedian (not a proper artist).

"My artwork is intended to pay homage to women in different roles who are largely ignored or frequently stigmatised. I also wanted it to entertain all ages, so have buttons to press which make noises and something for everyone to do at the end. In my opinion, even dignifying it with the label ’artwork’ is quite a stretch! I am not a proper artist!" - Jo Brand

Sue Mansi, I Will Feed You, 2022; Simone Fox & Zadie Simpson, Peg Dolls, 2022; Laura Cronin, Type Specimin: SDA, 2022; Young Carers from Carers Hub Lambeth, Army Guy, Ocean Cleaner & Girlboss, 2022; Philippa Perry, Heroine, Natalie Haynes, 2022; Emily Charlesworth, What Would David Hockney Do? 2020; Margaret Young, Not All Heroes Wear Capes, 2021; Angie Tonge, Apple Day, 2021.