Nicola Hallman, Pip & Betty, 2022

“We could all do with being reminded of love’s power. Where words often fail us, the art about love can cut straight to the heart of the feelings that are the best of us.” - Grayson Perry

Art can be an act of love. We often make art about what we care for the most. We are motivated to make it by the emotional charge the subject has. A watercolour of a nondescript bus station becomes vibrant with feeling when we know it is where a significant relationship blossomed. The poignant moment just before meeting a new born sibling is shared. The relief of getting a stubborn parent into the care home shows in a tender portrait.

Featured Artist: Bill Bailey

Bill Bailey, Flight Over Banda, 2022.

"What I was trying to do was convey the sense of two mythical creatures, possibly representing myself and Chris, in strange dragonfly form, flying across a mythical land surrounded by mythical beasts."- Bill Bailey

Artists and their Studios: Cosby Crafters

We commissioned Filmmaker Ben Crawford to produce this film, one of five that feature alongside selected artists in the exhibition. This film features Mel & Nat from the Cosby Crafters, a community craft group founded by them both in Cosby, Leicestershire. Learn about the reasons why the Cosby Crafters was founded and the extraordinary effect their making and Yarn Bombs have had on the community. We see the beautiful surroundings the Cosby Crafters make in and have some laughs at Mel and Nat's funny stories.

Nicola Hallman, Pip & Betty, 2022; Grayson Perry & Philippa Perry, Reliquary for a Marriage, 2022; Holly Unwin, Stop kissing in public it's mingin', 2021; Jacki Gordon, PUPPY LOVE, 2022; Emma Digerud-White, I Love Your Brain, 2022; Nishma Hudson, In Loving Memory of my Grandfather's Guiding and Stable Hand, 2022; Cosby Yarn Bomb Community Members, How Are You? Heart, 2022.