Normal Life

Stewart Hutcheon, Manchester Women 1960s, 2022

"Normal life … (is) something we’ve all started to see with fresh eyes. The art of normality can help us find the beauty in the everyday and remind us where happiness lies." - Grayson Perry

Art helps us cope. One recurring theme in the art sent in was that normal life for a lot of you is tough and making art can help you deal with difficulties, both physical and emotional.

Featured Artist: Cornelia Parker

Cornelia Parker One Day This Glass Will Break 2015 Polymer gravure etching Courtesy Cornelia Parker and Cristea Roberts Gallery, London © Cornelia Parker

One Day This Glass Will Break is a title of a work Parker made in 1997 which took the form of a tower of glasses with the words of the title engraved on them. They were stacked high, increasing the possibility they would fall and break. Parker, who often revisits titles and subject matter, has previously used glass to explore the theme of mortality and consequences. 

Featured Artist: Joe Wilkinson 

Joe Wilkinson, I really want to pick my nose, but I won't, 2022

"I spend a lot of time thinking about picking my nose but I've been brought up not to. So, I wanted to try and capture my daily frustration of having an itchy nose. I dedicate this picture to my dad who whenever he sees someone picking their nose says under his breath 'when you get to the bridge, give us a wave'."- Joe Wilkinson

Stewart Hutcheon, Manchester Women 1960s, 2022; Glenn Wilce, Tess and Trace, 2021; Ben Wilson, New Commission, 2022; Angie Tonge, Apple Day, 2021; Kim Guizzetti, Watching him watching the news, 2022; Lizzy Guy, Honeymoon Period, 2022; Sophie Roe, Witching Hour, 2022; Melissa Mostyn, Relentless, 2022.