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Dance and music
Available rooms for Dance and music
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Randle Studio

The Randle Studio offers a great opportunity to be creative and rehearse overlooking the beautiful surroundings of Cannon Hill Park.

Max. capacity 25

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Performance Studio

With a sprung floor and floor-to-ceiling mirrors, you can take your dance rehearsal to new heights in this spacious studio. Accommodates up to 35 dancers.

Max. capacity

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Foyle Studio

This space is one of our largest studios and has retractable seating - making the studio extremely flexible and adjustable to your needs.

Max. capacity

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English Studio

With a custom hardwood floor and views over Cannon Hill Park, this studio is perfect space to dance the day (or night) away.

Max. capacity 25

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Music Room 2

The largest of our music rooms and has welcomed bands, musicians and artists seeking an inspiring place to create.

Max. capacity 30

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Music Room 1

Music Room 1 is a perfect intimate setting for rehearsals and recording sessions.

Max. capacity 12

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Recording Studio

With state-of-the-art equipment, this professional space empowers artists to rehearse, record, and produce musical masterpieces.

Max. capacity 8

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