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MAC's Inclusive Band


An inclusive band for ages 9 to 25

Band members: Cerys, Nashita, Stephen and James (left to right) | Photo by Kris Halpin

SWITCH are a talented group of young musicians and MAC’s very own band in residence.

They write, produce, record and perform their own material covering important topics relating to their personal lives, the challenges they face and the community they live in as well as being young and having fun! 

Their songs advocate for equality and openly talk about special educational needs and disability.

SWITCH meet at MAC on Tuesdays at 5pm -7pm

They are supported by Music Leaders Kris Halpin and Alex Lowe to try different instruments and find their musical voice. Participants can also look forward to:

  • Developing song wiriting skills
  • Learning to play music as a band
  • Opportunities to perform at live events
  • Making new friends who also love music!



Get Involved!

We are looking for young peopled aged 9 to 25 who would like to develop as a young musician or vocalist. Whether you're a beginner on your instrument, or you've been playing/singing for a while, this is an inclusive band where all abilities are welcome. We are looking for young people to take on any of the following roles in the band:

  • Electric Guitarist
  • Bass Player
  • Keyboard Player
  • Drummer
  • Singer / Rapper / Vocalist

If you would like to refer a young person to chat to us about these sessions, please email or call 0121 446 3222

Check out their latest video: 

"SWITCH Feelings"

The band have been together for approximately 7 years and have seen a change in members in that time. They are supported by dedicated and talented Music Leaders, currently Kris Halpin and Alex Lowe.

SWITCH have certainly broken barriers within society through their musical talents and have performed at various gigs in their home town of Birmingham including; supporting the SEND National Crisis event. SWITCH were also delighted to perform at an event organised by London based charity, Heart ‘n’ Soul which supports young people with learning disabilities.

SWITCH have shared their experience and skillset to support events within the local music service acting as role models and delivering workshops to other young people from special schools across the city of Birmingham and within the local community. 

Introducing SWITCH


I am one of the lead singers and play electric guitar and keyboard. I like recording and performing.


I am a rapper, singer and incredible lyric writer. My rapping nick name is Badshaah Bling. I can rap in 3 different languages.


I play lots of instruments in the band. I like playing the guitar a lot and the piano. I like being in the group.


I’m Cerys. I’m a big fan of music and dancing. I love being part of SWITCH, I play the iPad and also do some singing and dancing.  

Previous Members


I am Eve

Making music is my passion
Guitar is what I play



I really enjoy SWITCH. I play different instruments like lead guitar, drums, bass and percussion. I enjoy recording and performing.


I am a lead singer for SWITCH. I write songs and enjoy performing. I enjoying creating music videos like “Switch on Your Happy Side”. I am also SWITCH’s rapper.


I am the drummer for SWITCH. I love jamming and performing with the band.


I have been playing piano for about 3 years. SWITCH has inspired me and I can now play in time with the band. I’ve really improved since joining SWITCH.

That was the best gig I've seen in years. Honest, no pretention and great music.
Audience member
What you are creating here is something quite unique and different... the concert was amazing.
Participant's Mother

To date, SWITCH have released 2 albums including some great tracks such as: Birmingham Needs You, Makes Me Stronger & Positivity.

The band have performed in a number of shows including:  SWITCH Sunset in MAC’s Outdoor Arena to The Squidz Club in London.

0121 446 3222    |    |    @macmakesmusic