News Story

On Fri 15 March, we were honoured to host our first Iftar, sharing food, prayer, and joy with over 120 members of our local community during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

We are grateful to Birmingham artist Hira Butt, who led a creative activity of conversation starters throughout the evening, and to Ahmed Said from Student’s House Mosque, Balsall Heath, for leading the call to congregational prayer.

MAC teamed up with local business Roti & Curry Bazaar, Alum Rock, for a special Iftar menu served in KILN.

“As a Trustee at MAC, I am so proud that MAC’s first ever community Iftaar epitomised what we endeavour to represent: the diversity of our vibrant city. The event brought our local communities together to share and celebrate the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, through art, culture, faith and food.” – Dr Haseena Lockhat, Trustee of MAC

“We are very grateful to everyone that joined us for MAC’s Iftar event. The evening was a wonderful, multi-faith celebration, and it was wonderful to experience so many people, of all ages, sharing stories and breaking their fast together. We look forward to hosting future events with our Brummie friends, neighbours, councillors, and artists.” – Deborah Kermode, CEO and Artistic Director, MAC

With special thanks to MAC Neighbours, a group of community researchers helping MAC to understand the positive changes we can make to ensure MAC is a place where everyone feels they belong and can contribute.