About our events

MAC’s popular Reel and Meal series presents classic movies served up with a delicious meal created by our KILN chefs to match the film’s theme.

True Romance lead characters in a cinema enjoying a film, female with blonde hair (Patricia Arquette) on the left sitting next to a man (Christian Slater) drinking a soda on the right
Credit: True Romance 1993
Birds-eye view of pizzas and drinks, people's hands grabbing the food at a table
KILN Credit: Sam Frank Wood 2023

List of Events

  1. Burt (Dick Van Dyke) and Mary Poppins (Julie Andrews) stand on a rooftop with chimney soot on their faces.

    Reel and Meal: Mary Poppins

  2. Four mean girls stand in a row, each dressed in pink and pruple. The one in front holds a pink book entitled 'Burn Book' and the one on the left is looking into a compact mirror.

    Reel & Meal: Mean Girls Singalong

  3. Three young Puerto Rican women stand in a line, looking straight ahead. The one in the middle wears a bright yellow dress.

    Reel & Meal: West Side Story