About our events

Embark on a fun-filled adventure with MAC this summer - join us for a fantastic range of hands-on creative courses, captivating screenings and spectacular performances for all the family.

List of Events

  1. Four children are gathered around a table holding pens, all looking at a piece of writing

    Creative Writing Juniors (CSC252)

  2. A person is sat at a desk, with a pink and white stripey top, and is writing on a blank piece of white paper

    Creative Writing for Young People (CSC251)

  3. A paper octopus, on a sea bed

    Aquarium World (CSC125)

  4. A child is moving strips of clay

    Family Pottery Bee Hotels (CSC260)

  5. a young person is standing at some DJ Decks with headphones on

    DJ School (CSC203)

  6. A group of children are all laughing, holding their hands up in the air.

    Family Improv Theatre (CSC270)

  7. A child smiles and looks through the hoops of hanging colour tape rolls which they hold to their eyes.

    Second Hand Dance: The Sticky Dance

  8. Small hands are pressing a tool down on a slab of clay

    Family Pottery Clocks (CSC131)

  9. a collection of copper rectangle keyrings, with fun engravings on the front

    Electro Etched Copper Keyrings (CSC908)

  10. colourful shoes are filled with succulent plants

    Pointy Plants Camp (CSC258)

  11. A close up drawing of a face, with someone using a pencil to shade the lips

    Self-Portrait Making (CSC266)

  12. A child is painting a solar system

    Space World (CSC232)

  13. A child in a blue and white stripey top is sewing orange material together

    Hidden Talents Camp (CSC259)

  14. A child is moulding a lump of clay with their hands

    Family Pottery Garden Fairies (CSC261)

  15. A close up drawing of a face, with someone using a pencil to shade the lips

    Self-Portrait Making (CSC266)

  16. A child is moulding a bird from clay

    Family Pottery Birds (CSC115)

  17. A young person is at a sewing machine threading a bobbin

    Young Sustainable Fashion Designers (CSC139)

  18. A person is using a glue stick and cutting our bits of magazines

    Make a Printed Zine Camp (CSC271)

  19. Macrame Rainbows (CSC268)

  20. A person is on stage with a saxophone by their waist, holding a peacock feather to the air

    Supersonic Kids Gigs presents: Matana Roberts

  21. A young child is rolling out yellow ink on a transparent board, ready to print with

    Make Your Mark Printing Workshop (CSC272)