Our Mission and Values

Our mission

To promote innovative, creative arts activities in ways which help to establish them as an important part of people's lives.

Starting point

It is critical to the success of MAC's role that its users reflect the population and character of the surrounding city and region. Research has shown that, uniquely among arts organisations nationally, the profile of MAC's users actually does reflect the demographic make-up of its catchment area. While this is a cause of celebration, providing equality of access is a dynamic process that can never be set in stone, but has to be continually sustained, modified and developed.


MAC's ethos is based on a set of values which inform the whole of its activities. The tensions within the values help to shape the organisation’s work and add an extra, creative spark to its activities. MAC values the following:

  • artistically experimental activities – and ones striving to engage with their audiences;
  • celebrating diversity - and strengthening social cohesion;
  • offering equal opportunities to everyone – and recognising the uniqueness of artistic talent;
  • increasing the accessibility of the arts – and respecting their complexity;
  • giving users and audiences more involvement in, and control over, programming – and introducing them to new challenges and innovations;
  • helping artists to find their own, unique voice – and to forge productive partnerships with other artists and the general public;
  • making the most of the social benefits of the arts – and valuing the pleasure people gain from their own individual artistic expression.