Azi started being a fashion conscious since early age. Azi was born with a disability that meant they had to alter every piece of clothing before they could wear it.

The earliest memory that Azi has from their fashion journey is when they was 5 years old -
"I was sat next to my Mum's sewing machine and looking at her sack of fabrics. I asked for a dress with pink spotty skirt and a plain bodice, that was my very first dress that I designed."

Sitting next to their Mum, Azi learnt to sew but they was always aware that the pieces of clothing that they had to alter or make for themself has to be a better quality and more sustainable to be worth the time that they spent on it. Azi also started to drift apart from trends so then they can wear the pieces for longer. That's when they started to become more aware of 'Sustainable Fashion'.

Azi studied Fashion Design at university. After graduation Azi had their own line of clothing for people with disability. Azi also took part on many fashion shows to make big clothing companies aware of disable people and their needs. One of the fashion shows that Azi took part in was called IMPERFECT where they met Sophie Morgan.