Ivo is a music producer, content creator and all-around music lover. He started his music path early on - ever since childhood he has been playing drums which sparked a passion for instruments and creating music from scratch.

He solidified his knowledge by undergoing a sound engineering and production degree at Birmingham City University, where he met local artists and collaborated with them in bands, group, and solo projects.

Until now Ivo has worked in all aspects of audio - from technical support for the world's most popular audio products, all the way to full-on content creation and production. He is fluent in major music production software such as FL Studio, Logic and Ableton.

Currently he is involved in content creation and music production, with a focus for hip-hop, pop and lo-fi. Some of his main influences include Metro Boomin, Jack Antonoff, Timbaland, and he believes that there is room for music in everybody's life.