in the background there is a composting pile, to the right hands are cupping soil from it

About Composting Surgery

Thu 4 April 2024, 11am - 5pm | FREE, drop in | First Floor Gallery

Embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle by incorporating home composting into your daily routine—it's a simple habit with a significant impact. Join our drop-in Composting Surgery and ask Pete Ashton, our composting expert, all your burning compost-related questions.

Organised with General Public in connection with Tatiana Wolska: Leisure as Resistance exhibition. Wolska has designed the space with a strong emphasis on facilitating and promoting gatherings and discussions centred around critical topics such as the regeneration of natural resources, climate crisis or the concept of circular economy. Please bring any gently used clothes, books and spare seeds to contribute to the exhibition's swap shop.

Children and young people under the age of 18 must be accompanied a parent or guardian.