Martin Simpson sits in the woods with an acoustic guitar - resting his arm on the guitar.

About Martin Simpson: A Master of His Art

4 Stars

One of the virtuoso instrumentalists of the English music scene... sounds better than ever

The Guardian

One of England’s most revered folk performers, widely acknowledged as one of the finest acoustic and slide guitar players in the world, Martin's interpretations of traditional songs are masterpieces of storytelling. His remarkable solo shows are intense, eclectic, spellbinding and deeply moving.

Martin has been nominated an astounding 32 times in the 18 years of the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards - more than any other performer - and has won numerous awards.

A virtuoso player without question, but above all Martin Simpson conveys his diverse treasure trove of material from the heart, performing with rare subtlety, intensity and honesty. A true master of his art.

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