Two adults wearing aprons in a kitchen with a pink work top - one holds up a lime and the other looks at them and smiles.

About Maya Productions: Súper Chefs

6-year-old Manny is making his very first guacamole for his dad’s welcome home dinner. It’s a good thing his mum Valeria is a professional chef and knows a song to help with the recipe.

Manny’s grandma is preparing the dessert, but Abuela doesn’t like boys in the kitchen – after all, it wasn’t like that before. But Manny feels differently. Why can’t he become a chef? Or a superhero like Mighty Mujer? Or both?!

Join in and sing, dance, and cook with a Latin American family in London as they celebrate food, question gender roles and work together when the cooking plans are upended!

4 Stars

With catchy songs and a consistent theme, delicious Latino food, everyone was mesmerized

Latino Life

I learnt that anybody can cook

Khushal, 11, audience member

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