Two men in jackets and holding string instruments walking through a field.

About Spiers and Boden

The finest instrumental duo on the traditional scene

Spiers and Boden first rocketed onto the music scene in 2001, quickly winning a clutch of BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards and going on to form and front the extraordinarily successful folk big band Bellowhead, which sold out The Royal Albert Hall several times, provides the theme tune for Radio 4’s The Archers and were recently heard on the soundtrack of BBC 1’s ‘Beyond Paradise’.

The much-loved duo reformed in 2021 after a seven-year hiatus, arriving with a brand new album ‘Fallow Ground’ which went on to reach number 3 in September ‘21’s Official Folk Albums Chart and was a Mojo magazine top 10 folk album of 2021.

They are taking to the road again and visit MAC as part of their only 2024 tour.

Photo credit: Elly Lucas.

It's all exquisitely played - the pair are still the dons.

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