MAC Makes Music

About MAC Makes Music

MAC Makes Music is an award-winning programme* providing innovative music making opportunities for children and young people with limited access to music provision. We work with Families, Pupil Referral Units, Charities, Primary Schools, Children’s Services, Centres for Newly Arrived Children and Young People, Resource Bases/Focus Provisions and Special Schools to influence sustained music making activity for those with limited access to music provision.

Our passion is to offer young people high quality music making experiences led by a team of highly experienced musicians. The young person’s voice and creativity is at the heart of a diverse music offer in new music technology, song writing, band development, singing and music production.

MAC is a strategic partner of Youth Music working towards creating a musically inclusive England, where every child can access music-making opportunities, regardless of their circumstances. Through MAC Makes Music, we champion innovation in music making approaches, support workforce development and advocate for equality in music education in partnership with Music Education Hubs in Birmingham, Coventry, Sandwell, Solihull and Worcestershire.

*Tune into Listening, achieved Excellence in Primary/Early Years Award in the Music Award for Excellence 2017.

What is Musical Inclusion?

Musical Inclusion is about removing barriers to ensure all children enjoy full participation in a music education which supports the development and achievement of each young person based on their individual abilities, needs and interests.

Musically inclusive practice ensures that all children and young people who want to can make music. It can only happen by embracing a wide range of genres and styles, supporting participants to achieve social and personal outcomes as well as musical ones, and having a music education workforce which can work with young people of all backgrounds, needs and interests  

What does inclusion involve?

Inclusion involves change. It is an unending process of increasing learning and participation for all students. It is an ideal to which Hubs can aspire but which is never fully reached. But inclusion happens as soon as the process of increasing participation is started. An inclusive Hub is one that is on the move.

(Adapted from Booth and Ainscow, 2002:3)