MAC Makes Music

Music Education Hubs

We work closely with Music Education Hubs regionally and nationally to explore how inclusion can be embedded strategically, throughout the workforce, and across all opportunities for children and young people. 

MAC MEH Strategy Group

We chair a monthly strategy group of 5 local hub leads supporting and challenging each other to embed inclusion across everything we do. We share learning, explore areas of development such as Youth Justice, collaborate on music programmes such as West Midlands Inclusive Choir, and support each other to continually develop and implement inclusion strategies.

The 5 orgnisations in the MAC MEH Strategy Group are:

  • Services for Education, Birmingham
  • Coventry Music
  • SIPS Music & Arts, Sandwell
  • Solihull Music
  • Severn Arts, Worcestershire

Case Studies

We are currently working with writer and researcher Anita Holford to produce a case study called ‘Moving the Needle on Inclusion in Five West Midlands Music Education Hubs’. The study focuses on the importance of inclusion in each Music Education Hub, and how MAC Makes Music has helped them develop their programmes, and build relationships with different organisations and young people with wide range of needs.

Challenging Voices is a programme of CPD delivered by Phil Mullen and Ann Jones that offers SEMHD training and Reflective Mentoring to music services around the country.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss how we can support your hub