Previous Work

Moving Forward with Inclusive Practice 2022-23

Moving Forward with Inclusive Practice was a set of online training days facilitated by Dr Phil Mullen, a leading expert in musical inclusion. Each session built on ideas introduced in his Social, Emotional and Mental Health training course, and delved deeper into areas of inclusive music practice explored in his recent publication, ‘Challenging Voices’. It was specially designed for Music Leaders and Teachers looking to take their inclusion training to an advanced level.

There were 6 training days covering a range of topics:

1. Working with Young People with Additional Needs 

Exploring assistive technology, the Social Model of Disability and developing programmes for people with Executive Function Disorder. With guest speakers Sarah Fisher and Gary Day.

2. Leadership and Group Work

Looking at the structure of groups, group roles and the therapeutic effects of groups, as well as participatory leadership and the facilitraining rainbow.

3. Working with Children with Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties

Promoting basic psychological wellbeing for young people facing barriers, and discussing the six elements at play in working with children excluded from school. There will also be a practical session on how to create a Drill track using open source music-making tools.

4. Identity and Musical Identities

Introducing the history of rebel music in the UK, conferred or constructed identities and possible pathways to identity transformation i.e. throwing off negative labels. With guest speaker Graham Dowdall.

5. Inclusive Pedagogy Part 1

Intertwining musical, personal and social outcomes, and foregrounding creativity. This session will include music-making.


6. Inclusive Pedagogy Part 2 

Discussing how to work with what the young people bring, sharing ownership and reflective practice.