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Woman sings into a microphone with keyboard and music technology. The woman is in a wheelchair, with cropped brown hair and glasses in a white shirt and black waistcoat.
Elizabeth J. Birch, Music Leader, MAC Makes Music

MAC and MAC Makes Music are absolutely thrilled that Kris Halpin and Elizabeth J Birch, Music Leaders for MAC Makes Music, have been recognised as Mastercard Trailblazers.

As the headline sponsor of The BRIT Awards, this year, Mastercard shone a light on a group of trailblazing individuals driving positive change in the music industry across technology, diversity and inclusion.

Elizabeth. J. Birch is an award-winning young musician known for using synthesisers, vocals, and ordinary everyday objects to craft unique sonic landscapes. Kris Halpin is a musician who leads Dyskinetic, a movement amplifying the intersection between music and disability. Kris is Sense’s Artistic Director of Music, and is known for his use of the innovative Mi.Mu gloves to make music.

Elizabeth and Kris are both not only incredible musicians, with creative and innovative approaches and fantastic output, but also real genuine advocates for positive change; across the areas of technology, diversity and inclusion. We are incredibly proud of them and their inspiring work.

Julia Thomson-Smith, MAC Makes Music Producer, said, "Campaigns like this highlight the incredible work that is already going on in these areas; work that MAC Makes Music will always loudly and proudly support. They showcase that the wider music industry is starting to sit up and take notice. They highlight the power that having an inclusive approach can have in terms of positive representation. They shine the spotlight, ultimately creating a more interesting, innovative music industry.

"Continued work in this area is vital. Ensuring that the next generation of musical talent is truly representative of the wider cultural sphere and that talent is nurtured and treated fairly is so important and something MAC Makes Music will continue to work hard to support."

Elizabeth Birch, musician and MAC Makes Music Leader, said,
"I feel honoured to have been recognised as a trailblazer by Mastercard, alongside other amazing individuals whose work inspires me in my own career. I hope that through this campaign, we can open up not only more conversations about inclusion and diversity, but that we can enact real and sizable change in the music industry for the future; a future where all musicians, whether disabled or able-bodied, are recognised and celebrated."

Find out more about Elizabeth's work and Kris' work.