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Nashita aka 'Legend N' is a music producer, performer, and self-proclaimed 'veteran' of MAC Makes Music - who has gained much more than just musical skills over the years.

A smiling woman with long dark hair and glasses sitting by a drum kit
Nashita Haque 2024
A woman with dark hair and glasses singing into a microphone
MAC Makes Music Open Mic 2023

As a producer, Nashita creates tracks that explore different genres and atmospheric soundscapes to accompany holidays and events. We sat down to hear more about her journey with music:

How long have you been part of MAC Makes Music?

I've been part of MAC Makes Music for 9 years, since August 2015. I was first introduced to the programme by attending a youth club in Kings Heath, where I was encouraged to become a member of MAC's inclusive band SWITCH.

What difference has MAC Makes Music made in your life?

Before I started with MAC Makes Music, I was shy and nervous. After joining, my life gradually changed - I became brave, I developed confidence and started performing music and singing solos on stage. MAC Makes Music inspired me to try playing different musical instruments. I now play the drum kit, guitar, and keyboard. I've also gained the confidence to experience voluntary work and apply for jobs.

What are your favourite memories of MAC Makes Music?

Two memories come to mind: Back in 2021, I created a music video for the Sage Gateshead Music Spark Show with SWITCH. The music video is called SWITCH Feelings. My other favourite memory is performing my very first SWITCH show all the way back in 2015, where we created our own musical prelude to accompany the film 'Jaws.'

What do you hope to see MAC Makes Music do in the future?

I'd like to see even more people come and join MAC Makes Music, maybe gaining work experience, so they can move on to facilitating if they want to. I'd also like MAC Makes Music to do more productions on stage, and masterclasses to help people learn new instruments or give opportunities to experience vocals.

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