Upcoming events

  1. 5 musicians in a line in front of a green yellow and red background - on the far left is a singer with a mic, and on the far right a saxophonist.

    Simmer Down Festival: 2024 Launch

  2. Acts of Creation: Video Programme

  3. A person lies back in a filled bath, with a cow bending its head to the water over the persons chest

    Summer exhibitions: Opening party


Cinema highlights

  1. From the POV of inside a bin, we see a young girl looking directly at us as she holds open the bin lid, whilst a man in his twenties - also holding open the bin lid - looks at her quizzically.


  2. Sigmund Freud (Anthony Hopkins) looks forward and holds up a single finger.

    Freud's Last Session

  3. An older Moroccan man wearing a white vest and a hooded jacket looks towards the camera. A younger man stand behind him.

    SAFAR 2024: Hounds


Creative courses

  1. A child in an orange hoody breakdances in front of an audience. Text reads "for children and young people with SEN" and "common ground arts".

    Common Ground Festival: Inclusive Breakdancing Workshop

  2. Printing from Life

  3. Art Deco Pottery