Upcoming events

  1. A woman with black hair in a red top sits in a theatre with her feet up, drinking from a bottle of wine and reading a book.

    Rachel Stockdale: Fat Chance

    Theatre and Dance
  2. A male dancer jumps high in the air with his legs split and arms stretched out, as three more men wearing the same white t shirt and the dancer stand and watch leaning against a brick wall.

    Man Made Youth: free dance workshops

  3. A close up of a rail of clothes, with hand reaching out to touch them

    Clothes Swap


Cinema highlights

  1. Two young Japanese boys covered in dirt look directly at the camera. A blurry background reveals that they are standing on train tracks.


  2. NT Live: Vanya

  3. Anthony Hopkins sits in a TV studio audience wearing a suit and tie.

    One Life


Creative courses

  1. A collection of items - including coasters, a terracotta pot and a plaque - decorated with brightly coloured mosaic tiles.

    Introduction to Outdoor Mosaics

  2. Colourful yellow, purple and blue felt is being laid on a table

    Nuno Felt Scarf Making

  3. The Writing Factory