A white man with a beard and glasses (Jim Moir) sits on a table earwing a brightly colour hat a with a propellor on top. He leans forwards with his arms resting on his knees. Behind him are 3 paintings on the wall.

About Flatpack 2024: A Brush With Comedy + Q&A

I see all creative outlets as one. Comedy, art. It’s all the same to me. This documentary unmasks the connection between the two.

Jim Moir

Given a fondness for mixing together film, art, comedy and music at Flatpack, they're inclined to agree. Filmmakers and visual artists frequently use humour in their work, yet stand-up doesn’t always make the cut in discussions around what constitutes “the arts”.

Louis Moir, son of Jim “Vic Reeves” Moir, reflects on the links between art and comedy in his debut film, following Vic and fellow funny folks Spencer Jones, Bec Hill, Simon Munnery and Miriam Elia as they prepare to open a group art exhibition.

A thoughtful film guaranteed to brighten your day. Stick around afterwards - we’ll be treated to a Q&A with Louis Moir and Spencer Jones to further delve into the art/comedy debate.

Photography by Jack Dallas Chapman.

Flatpack 2024

The eclectic pop-up film festival returns to MAC.

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