A young white man with dark hair looks at a furry little creature with big ears who is appearing out of his open backpack.

About Flatpack 2024: Gremlins + Q&A

Even though Gremlins is FORTY years old this year, it’s as relevant and riotous as it was back in the day.

Does it depict nature’s revenge against a capitalist society’s willingness to exploit it for profit and entertainment? Or is it a frivolous mix of frights, fun and Corey Feldman? It’s a bit of both, with the mischievous mogwais as iconic as ever and the film a CGI-free masterclass in monster-making.

For this screening, we’re inviting families spanning across generations to join us, encouraging parents/guardians and children to enjoy this experience together. Dr. Catherine Lester from the University of Birmingham and Dr. Kate Egan from Northumbria University are currently conducting research on the connection between childhood and the horror genre and would love to hear from you about your experience together after the screening, and being experts when it comes to horror (and in Cat's case, an aficionado when it comes to Gremlins), they'll be able to answer any questions about the film you might have.

This screening is presented in partnership with Into Film, and Flatpack are delighted to offer free tickets for all attendees under 18.

Flatpack 2024

The eclectic pop-up film festival returns to MAC.

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