White fabric with red embroidery details, with a red textile strip with the words 'stolen' and 'given away' on top in silver thread

About Symposium: Picturing The Unseen - Grief & labour in and out of motherhood

Thu 12 September | 10am - 5.30pm

Join us for a symposium addressing experiences of (m)otherhood including; struggling to conceive, infertility, being childless not by choice, maternal grief and caring for chronically ill children.

Held in the context of the major exhibition Acts of Creation: On Art and Motherhood, this day-long event will feature presentations by artists, writers and art historians sharing their research and personal work around these subjects. This event is open to all.

The full programme will be released closer to the date of the symposium.

Image: © Su Richardson. Photographer: Tegen Kimbley

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