A bright stage light casts a purple beam of light from the right of the image. On the left you can see the edge of a face, outlined by white highlights from the light and the rest in shadow,

About Mobilise Arts: The Queer Motherhood Project

Mobilise Arts in partnership with MAC, SHOUT Festival and DIVA presents The Queer Motherhood Project.

A radical view of Motherhood in an immersive gig theatre event fusing live music, video and spoken word. Incorporating elements of verbatim through lived experience.

A collaboration between queer artists Hannah Phillips and Rachel Jones, and featuring a video appearance by comedian, writer and actor Jen Brister.

As a lesbian Mum who has no biological connection to my sons I viscerally understand how important it is that the status of queer parents should be protected, their voices amplified and their experiences shared far and wide.

Jen Brister, comedian, writer and actor


Mobilise Arts are gathering research from queer mothers - find out more.

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