About our events

Embark on a fun-filled adventure with MAC this summer - join us for a fantastic range of hands-on creative courses, captivating screenings and spectacular performances for all the family.

List of Events

  1. An orhestra of around a dozen musicians playing lots of different instruments in front of a seated audience.

    Surge Orchestra: Family jam and workshops

  2. A paper mache lizard creature is covered in chains holding a green bottle

    Time Travelling Camp (CSC236)

  3. A cartoon dog (Odie) looks shocked and drops a tennis ball seeing a grump orange cat (Garfield) puffed up into a big circle shape.

    The Garfield Movie

  4. A group of children gather around the tutor, Libbie, watching a demonstration

    Summer Pottery Camp (CSC133)

  5. An illustration of a person making a mosaic on the floor

    Let’s Make you an Artist: Mosaics (CSC262)

  6. A young child is painting a clay box, with a woman leaning over him to see what he is doing

    Family Pottery Memory Boxes (CSC396)

  7. A young girl (left) looks at a giant purple smiling monster (right) in a library.


  8. YolanDa Brown holds up a hand to their ear and wears a brightly coloured jacket - there are lots of children in front of them and a band in the background.

    YolanDa's Band Jam

  9. A child is sewing a green piece of material with brown thread

    Folk Costume Making (CSC255)

  10. A dragon fossil in a black box, made from paper mache

    Magical Artefacts and Mysterious Props Camp (CSC208)

  11. a collection of copper rectangle keyrings, with fun engravings on the front

    Electro Etched Copper Keyrings (CSC908)

  12. Two children are laughing, one is adjusting headphones of the other

    Sound Art (CSC146)

  13. Burt (Dick Van Dyke) and Mary Poppins (Julie Andrews) stand on a rooftop with chimney soot on their faces.

    Reel and Meal: Mary Poppins

  14. A colourful illustration of Matisse, cutting green paper

    Let's Make you an Artist: Matisse Collage (CSC263)

  15. Af Klint is painting flowers on the floor

    Let's Make you an Artist: af Klint Mobiles (CSC264)

  16. A child is sewing a green piece of material with brown thread

    Dress Your Toy (CSC267)

  17. A colourful blue and yellow painted clay worm

    Family Pottery Garden Insects (CSC118)

  18. An illustration of Pablo Picasso with a painting

    Let’s Make you an Artist: Picasso Collage (CSC265)

  19. A person is moulding a pot on a pottery wheel

    Wheelwork for Young People (CSC34)

  20. Animated image of the Inside Out characters gathered around a console. Anxiety (an orange monster) stands in the centre, clasping her hands together.

    Inside Out 2

  21. A group of children are on a stage, with an adult behind them

    Family Play in a Day (CSC269)

  22. A girl smiles in the middle of lots of coloured ribbons.

    Folk Dance Remixed: Step Hop House

  23. A paper mache blob creature with big eyes, big teeth and a blue tongue is being painted

    Create a Creature Camp (CSC120)

  24. Virtual Reality Filmmaking (CSC97)