An older man sits on a rock at dawn, holding his shoe aloft as water pours out of it.

About Close Your Eyes

1990: Director Miguel Garay is shooting a feature film. But when the leading actor and Miguel’s best friend, Julio Arenas, suddenly disappears without a trace, the project must be abandoned and the film is left unfinished. Years later Miguel is contacted by a television show re-investigating the unsolved mystery, and when he reluctantly agrees to participate, he is forced to revisit events from his past.

Over 30 years since he last made a feature film, the new work from acclaimed Spanish director Víctor Erice (The Spirit of the Beehive, El Sur) has been worth the wait. Close Your Eyes is a rich, layered and deeply personal exploration of memory, love and loss, as well as the power of cinema to provide connection and relevance.

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