Black and white photo of a man and a woman (Bette Davis) standing on a dock next to a cruise liner. The main points off camera.

About Now, Voyager

In one of the greatest performances of her career, Bette Davis stars as Charlotte Vale, a troubled young woman who defies her domineering mother (fellow Oscar nominee Gladys Cooper) to discover love, heartbreak and eventual contentment.

Now, Voyager is an undisputed classic of Hollywood’s golden age and stands up today as both a taut psychological drama and an inspiring tale of physical and spiritual transformation. It also does what many melodramas did at the time, presenting Cooper's snobby mother as an irredeemable monster - in stark contrast to her daughter, here offering a versatile role model to wartime women, some of them already widows raising children alone and many of them savouring newfound independence as they took on the work of men.

The screening will be preceded by a live onstage introduction from Dr Sabina Stent.

Screening as part of the Bad Mums: Motherhood In Cinema season to accompany the touring exhibition Acts Of Creation: On Art and Motherhood.

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