A Vietnamese girl stares directly into the camera, clutching a scarf around her neck. A bombed out building sits in the background.

About The Little Girl of Hanoi + Live score

One of the great classics of Vietnamese cinema, The Little Girl of Hanoi offers a rare view of Hanoi during the Vietnam War. Filmed amid the rubble of the recently bombed city, this harrowing tale of a girl searching for her soldier father after losing the rest of her family during a bombardment is a powerful drama and a rare look at urban life in Vietnam during the war.

The screening will be complemented by an original live musical response from Nammy Wams, a London-based music producer and DJ specialising in grime and UK drill, and also followed by a panel discussion.

Screening as part of the Star Nhà Ease: Vietnamese Cinema season, presenting a captivating collection of Vietnamese cinematic treasures. Co-curated by Cường Minh Bá Phạm, Esther Johnson and Tuyết Vân Huỳnh, this season is both a celebration and introduction of Vietnamese cinema to UK audiences.

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MAC’s cinema programme has been generously supported by BFI Film Audience Network and Film Hub Midlands.

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