List of Events

  1. Practical Visual Enquiry (Summer)

  2. Watercolour Painting (Summer)

  3. Anatomical Drawing (Summer)

  4. The Art of Flowers (Summer)

  5. Contemporary Portraiture (Summer)

  6. Introduction to Printmaking (Summer)

  7. Introduction to Oil Painting (Summer)

  8. Creating Art In Context (Summer)

  9. Drawing Techniques (Summer)

  10. Drawing & Painting Nature (VA84 Summer)

  11. A Beginners Guide to Painting with Watercolours (Summer)

  12. Introduction to Classical Representational Drawing (Summer)

  13. Introduction to Art Techniques (Summer)

  14. Basic Principles of Drawing for Beginners (Summer)

  15. Introduction to Art Techniques (Summer)

  16. Introduction to Oil Painting Techniques (Summer)

  17. Life Drawing (Summer)

  18. Life Drawing Techniques (Summer)

  19. Draw, Paint, Print (Summer)

  20. The Art of Still Life (Summer)

  21. Introduction to Drawing and Illustration (Summer)

  22. A piece of paper with a decorative, floral pattern in blue and gold, with pens laid to the right hand side

    Islamic Manuscript Illumination

  23. Life Drawing & Painting Studio Days for Improvers (Summer)

  24. Collage