Dominique Nok: MAC Assistant Curator Placement with Art Fund Support

Tue 5 April 2022
Dominque Nok, Visiting The Butterfly Effect Exhibition. Image by Kate Green.

We recently announced MAC’s new season of visual arts exhibitions and special events. Behind-the-scenes, Assistant Curator Dominique Nok has been making the magic happen. Dominique is currently undertaking a six-month placement at MAC with support from Art Fund.

Since moving from Amsterdam to London in 2012, Dominique started her journey to (re)discover her identity as a freelance portrait photographer. On this journey, Dominique was inspired to become a Curator, recognising the industrywide absence and lack of recognition of Black female photographers. Dominique graduated from University of Journalism in Utrecht, the Netherlands and studied an MA in Curating and Collections at Chelsea College of Arts (CCA), University of the Arts London. Following her placement at MAC, Dominque is considering pursuing a MPhil or a PhD to continue her studies.

As an Artist and Curator, Dominique is passionate about investigating in which way Black photographers and Black photography collectives have contributed to the British canon of photography. During her studies, being unable to find in-depth information of Black British photographers without uncovering a multitude of layers, confirmed the importance of accessibility of certain documentation of marginalised groups.

Dominique said: “The position of Assistant Curator at MAC excites me because I believe it offers a rich experience for an emerging artist-curator to develop. Being given the opportunity to assist specialists in their field will give me room to discover the areas I would like to further explore, in an, I believe, safe environment. In the year of MAC’s 60th anniversary I furthermore hope to learn more about the evolved exhibition making processes and to discover how the strong sense of community progressed.

“I believe MAC has a real desire to connect with the whole community and provides a centre for the community to connect with each other through art. Making art accessible through e.g., free exhibitions, theatre plays and workshops I believe visitors are encountered with the beneficial effects of making and perceiving art which improves the quality of life.”

Alice Swatton (Curator), Maryam Wahid (Artist) & Dominique Nok (Curator) Zaibunnisa Exhibition Opening. Image by Kate Green.

Dominique continued: “From a Black female inside perspective and as an artist myself I will endeavour to find ways to increase the public’s involvement and the already strong community sense.

“Due to the industry-wide absence and lack of recognition of Black British female photographers within the British arts sector, I am predominantly passionate and compelled to contribute to the discourse of equal representation within the canon of British photography. However, my main expertise lies in photography, I do aspire my curatorial practice to create a platform for talented, yet marginalised visual artists from the Black Asian Global Majority Heritage and to display their stories in the most authentic and compelling way.”

Dominique began work on Maryam Wahid's solo exhibition, Zaibunnisa, and is currently installing exhibitions by Mixed Rage Collective: Unapologetically Other and Sharon Walters: Seeing Ourselves - opening later this month. 

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