Upcoming events

  1. Two smiling adults, stood on a stage. One with an aquamarine jumpsuit and wavy black hair holds an infant. The other faces them, his arm over the harp in his turquoise button up shirt.

    Babies Adventures in Music (BAM 2024)

  2. Three men wearing black and grey clothes sit on a bar with instruments.

    Frozen Light: The Bar At The Edge of Time

    Theatre and Dance
  3. A main in a pink suit and wearing a bow tie in front of a pink background.

    Stephen Bailey: Crass


Cinema highlights

  1. A black and white photo featuring a younger man in a suit staring at a collection of toy soldiers on horseback that he is holding in the palm of his hand.

    Kaleidoscope: Old School Days

  2. A smiling man (director John Waters) sits on a red sofa in his apartment. He is surrounded by books and one of the cushions has a picture of a burning police car on it.

    Scala!!! + Q&A

  3. Fallen Leaves

Creative courses

  1. A person is pushing a bright fabric through a sewing machine

    Sew a Spring Top

  2. Introduction to Ceramics - 2 day

  3. Introduction to Writing for Children