Upcoming events

  1. A woman with black hair in a red top sits in a theatre with her feet up, drinking from a bottle of wine and reading a book.

    Rachel Stockdale: Fat Chance

    Theatre and Dance
  2. Framed through a blue circular entrance, an adult and two children explore a colour circular chamber and you can see more similar chambers of different colours in the background with another family in the distance.

    Eye Music Trust: Colourscape

  3. A person is holding a book open, to the sides you can see people facing them

    Feminist Reading Group: Conversations on Queer Feminism


Cinema highlights

  1. A group of people in smart clothes are gathered around a man who is sat in a green chair with his head on the table. We can see security footage on a computer situated in the bottom left of the image.

    The Delinquents

  2. A deaf-blind man and a deaf-blind woman hold hands as they exit a small airplane.

    Disability On Film: Land of Silence & Darkness

  3. Two smiling women (Jessie Buckley and Olivia Colman) walk along a windswept beach.

    Wicked Little Letters


Creative courses

  1. Wheelwork for Beginners

  2. A person is cutting fabric, with drawn outlines on it. There is measuring tape, thread and a sewing machine to the sides.

    Sew a Summer Skirt

  3. A piece of paper with a decorative, floral pattern in blue and gold, with pens laid to the right hand side

    Islamic Manuscript Illumination