Inclusive Music Pathways: Solihull Music Teacher Vlogs

Wed 21 April 2021

These three music teachers from Solihull Music Service share their experiences of taking a more inclusive approach to music education, and how the MAC Makes Music course Music and Young People with Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties, has helped them on their journey in to inclusive music education.

Richard Russell

Guitar specialist Richard shares his experiences of putting his training in to practice.

Laura Carter

Woodwind specialist Laura talks about her work in inclusive music making in special education.

Paula Ewer

Guitar and ukulele specialist Paula tells us about her experiences of inclusive music education and why it's a rewarding path.

This post is part of a wider case study called "Working together to move the needle on inclusion in five West Midlands music education hubs", produced by Anita Holford

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My inclusion journey - Claire Batty, Head of Solihull Music Service and Music Education Hub

My inclusion journey - Toby Smith, Head of Solihull Music Service and Music Education Hub 

Solihull Music Education Hub (MEH) is part of the MAC MEH Strategy Group – five hubs who meet monthly, to support and challenge each other to move the needle on inclusion in their organisations and partnerships. The group is facilitated by Holly Radford, who leads ‘MAC Makes Music’, part of Midlands Arts Centre, and one of the founders of Youth Music’s Alliance for a Musically Inclusive England. The work is funded by Youth Music.